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Salud 4 All Launch

Salud Revenue Partners launched its new initiative, Salud 4 All, a platform for championing the issue of health equity in the healthcare revenue cycle.

Salud's purpose grew from a intrinsic motivation to help safety net hospitals keep their doors open and serve the most vulnerable in our society. As such, we believe that because we are an integral part of the healthcare system, we have a duty to tackle the complex challenge of health equity in the United States.

While healthcare systems, hospitals, and providers are putting health equity at the forefront of conversations across the country, there is less discussion on advancing health equity within the revenue cycle. As a national model for the delivery of revenue cycle services, Salud launched Salud 4 All to bridge the gap.

Salud 4 All, a subset of Salud's CSR microsite, is a hub for health equity education and resources. A good starting point for finding data, policies, advocacy groups, news and discussions, Salud 4 All is a resource for healthcare providers, executives, health equity advocates and Salud employees.


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