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Finding Your Cupcake

In our last company newsletter, I talked about how I found a volunteer opportunity that was a perfect fit for me. If you haven't read the article, I'll summarize.

After learning about a child whose family could not afford a birthday cake on her birthday, and who was overjoyed to be offered just a simple leftover cupcake, I found that baking birthday cakes for kids in need gave me a great sense of happiness and purpose.

But what is your cupcake...your perfect volunteering fit? And how do you find it?

  • This is one of the best resources for exploring a variety of volunteer opportunities in your area. You simply type in your city in the search bar and you'll get a list of both in-person and virtual volunteer opportunities. You can also search by cause. Passionate about animals? Like to help kids? Want to champion human rights? You can find organizations and projects that match your interests and talents.

  • Even though it is a global organization, United Way is broken down into local chapters that work diligently on researching the needs of the local community and bringing resources and people together to maximize efforts and funds. Organizations that benefit from United Way have been vetted so you know your volunteer time and donations are being put to good use. Find your local United Way and search for volunteer opportunities on the local website.

  • Another searchable database of volunteer opportunities at your fingertips.

  • Not sure if the organization you want to volunteer for or donate to is trustworthy? Check out to find out if a charitable organization is reputable and find a list of some of the top-rated charities in different categories.

  • Can't find the perfect fit? Have a talent or passion you want to share but can't find an organization near you? Make one! Yes, this may seem like a far-fetched idea, but like every great organization, it starts with one person with an idea. It's a big undertaking, for sure, but not impossible. offers over 500 free courses, videos, and downloadables to help.

  • Check back on this website to get insight on volunteering and share your stories to inspire others.

There's a hero in each one of us. Be a hero. Be a volunteer.


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